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 The Metalock Corporation (est. 1937) and ECRS are industrial service companies specializing in the repair and re-design of failed equipment components in all industries.  ECRS engineers utilize Metalock  Corporation's industry recognized Metalock and metalace repair components in conjunction with the latest in finite element analysis to design permanent repairs to equipment that in many cases was thought to be beyond repair.  Metalock technicians perform these repairs based on the engineered design.  These repairs have proven successful on all types of cast iron and cast steel.  We have built an enviable reputation among the giants of industry by providing guaranteed on-site repairs; completed swiftly and expertly.  This means that you don't have to scrap that expensive, hard to replace piece only because a wreck or fatigue has caused cracking or broken out sections.  

From the oil fields and chemical plants of South Louisiana up to the Canadian gold mines, from a cement plant in the Dominican Republic to a New Brunswick nuclear power plant, from a fertilizer plant in South Florida around the world to an Australian copper mine, and from aluminum plants in the Pacific Northwest to manufacturing facilities in Chicago and Detroit, we will continue to solve our clients' critical repair problems.

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